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CubeCheater solves Rubik’s Cube on your iPhone

The Rubik’s Cube or magic cube is a world famous puzzle whose sides are divided into squares of one color each, which can be moved. The objective of game is to disarm the order and put it back together. If you need to do something, there is always an iPhone application for it, well, this may sound a bit exaggerated.

This is the case application to solve the world-famous bucket Rubik or magic cube, the application iPhone known for CubeCheater will help you simply and quickly to solve the Rubik cube. All you have to do is to photograph one of the faces of the cube the application recognizes and reconstructs the colors of the cube order to solve the problem and within seconds displays the solution in three dimensions and step by step.

This fun application cost is $ 0.99 and available in the App Store.

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