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How to uninstall applications installed from the Mac App Store

The Mac app store has brought with it many advantages and facilities to the users, but also has certain aspects that we have not entirely happy.

One is how to uninstall applications installed form Mac App Store. While there is a big change, if it makes you lose a little more time to do so. But do not waste time figuring out how, here I show you 2 ways to do it.

First is dragging the icon application to the Trash. So far that’s the way everyone should know, but what changes is that inevitably you’re going to have to do from the Finder in folder where applications are stored.

In other words go to the folder "Applications" And from there drag or delete the application. Then we just have to put password and click accept.

The other way is using an free application ) that makes it even easier. This application is called AppCleaner  (I should clarify that no is the only one that works well for this), you can download AppCleaner  from the link below.


With this app you can simply drag the application or look in the list to delete. This app also ask for your password.

That’s how you uninstall Mac applications downloaded from the App Store.

Here the link to download AppCleaner: Link

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