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How To Convert Hard Disk to NTFS – Windows 7

Since Windows XP, you can choose between two file systems: FAT32 and NTFS. Offering more features, the NTFS file system allows, among other things to use files larger than 4 GB, set permissions to allow or disallow users to access files and folders and set quotas disk space among different users. We recommend using this file system, especially for multimedia hard drives that can contain very large files.

  1. Converting a FAT partition to NTFS is no data loss. Nevertheless, as a precaution, back before all your data on a removable media.
  2. Open the folder Computer and note the drive letter to convert.
  3. Click Start. Enter the command Cmd and press Enter.
  4. A command prompt window opens. Type this command convert g: / FS: NTFS
    by replacing g with the drive letter to convert. Confirm by pressing Enter.
  5. The operation begins and may take several minutes.

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