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Virtual DJ, Create And Mix Music

Virtual DJ is a Special software DJ, Its free and has a perfect performance, we can also use either on Windows or Mac OS X. Virtual DJ comes in two versions, Virtual DJ Pro is the most complete, professional, with many tools and options, but obvious … you have to pay.

The free version of Virtual DJ is somewhat limited, but has everything a normal user (not speaking of the professional level) may need.

Virtual Dj

If your intention is to create some effects with your favorite songs, Virtual DJ is ideal. It has a hundred options to combine beats, add effects like fade, or white noise.

Some characteristics of Virtual DJ allow us to use the BPM and control their frequency. There are options to control and adjust the bass output, and synchronization between different tracks. Finally, when we all finished, Virtual DJ allows us to record the working file, or post directly on the web.


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