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Universal charger for mobile phones this year will be applied

Surely it has happened to them in their homes have endless phone chargers belonging to their cell phones. What often happens is that you must change mobile, and although the old charger works perfectly it must set aside because it is incompatible with the new appliance.

Soon, however, could change everything because in 2011, the current leading developer teams to launch universal charger. Among the main brands to bring their equipment to the new standard we find: Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Research in Motion. As indicated by the information, the new universal charger will have a micro USB card, such as that implemented on mobile phones Motorola has long.

What is striking is that Apple appears on the list, since the company was known for never comply with standards. However, the implementation of the new form is not negotiable and Cupertino has to adapt to the idea of giving rise to the USB connector.

For now no one knows exactly what will be the date in which the said companies will have to start selling phones with the new universal charger. But the fact is that this accessory will simplify life for users and result in less waste and will not continue to deal with old magazines that eventually throw away.

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