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Create And Print Your Own Calendars

Photo Calendar Maker is an interesting program with which you can use your own photos to create calendars to your taste either monthly or annually. Choose an image and customize the calendar program with different styles: classic, modern, standard, refined, for business or romantic, etc

To leave each calendar with a unique appearance, the program allows editing of several elements, including headings, fonts, backgrounds, holidays, appearance and more. The size may also vary according to your needs.

photo calendar maker

By default, a new calendar of Photo Calendar Maker is 1600 × 1200 pixels, but you can set your preferred size. A configuration are easily applied in the right menu, and becomes divided into "Main", "Background", "Font", "Title", "Photo" and "Clip."

"Main" is where you choose between annual or monthly calendar and also where you choose the style and image composition. In "Background", you can choose and set your illustration, which may be the database or your library program.


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