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China want to block VoIP services including Skype

One of the most controversial governments of the world is undoubtedly the Chinese government and has been both politically and in the web world, such as the greater control exercised by the government web sites users can visit that country.

But in this case the Chinese government wants to take a rather drastic measure to protect their telephone services, a move that will seek block VoIP services they are abroad, such as Skype.

It is known that Skype has a large presence in most countries and this in a country with a high speed Internet that can affect users and stop using your telephone directory. Perhaps a move to China telephony services will be useful, but of course, this will bring greater ease the government to full control connections either blocking connections, speaking or whatever you want.


Reportedly various means Skype is by no means willing to lose such a large number of users, and be willing to reach an agreement with the government. I think it will be another case like the one with Blackberry and messaging system, which is controlled in several Arab countries.

So they can get an idea of the large number of users available in the Chinese market today have just given the news that reached the sum of 450 million Internet users Almost the same amount of Facebook users around the globe, and much more that all users of Skype available today.

Not yet have specifications on the date or place as the lock, so we’ll be waiting for new information on the event.

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