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PayPal for iPhone – Scan Checks and Add Money to our Accounts

PayPal has its fans and detractors, but there is no denying that it has changed forever the world of payments and electronic commerce by facilitating the movement of money into safer, something that with the proliferation of smartphones adding a potential virtually unlimited.

A clear example is PayPal for iPhone, Which has been adding features over time to move from being a mere copy of the web version to offer features and extremely agile own well as sending money colliding hands, who then also was built to Android version.

paypal for iphone

Now PayPal for iPhone adds another great feature is to allow as scan checks and add the amount into our bank account, Which prevent many having to go to the bank to prove that money. Clear that this advantage had to have a "but" or limitation, and in this case is that the check must be maintained in our possession for 15 days if they see a problem. And we’ll have to wait six days for the money is credited, but for those who have or are close to the bank with little spare time benefit exceeds these details.

Download PayPal for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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