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Customize Internet Explorer 9 with IE9 Tweaker

If you’re testing the Internet Explorer 9 Beta which has received very good reviews, here I bring a utility that will help you easily customize the browser, called IE9 Tweaker and in a few clicks you can change a few things that you can adjust and customize the user interface of Internet Explorer to suit your needs and more easily manage their interface.


Tweaker IE9 allows you to change the following settings in Internet Explorer 9:

  1. Make the menu bar is always visible
  2. Display the menu bar at the top
  3. Always makes private browsing mode
  4. Add a 3D border between the toolbar and website.
  5. Makes IE always start in full screen
  6. Set small icons in the toolbar
  7. Change maximum number of downloads
  8. Creating a personalized start page with your favorite sites.

The main feature of Tweaker IE9 is the ability to create your personalized homepage.


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