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Easy Image Modifier-Mengubah Resolusi, Nama, Format Gambar

Software ini dapat melakukan beberapa task dalam sekali klik saja yaitu memperkceil dan memperbesar gambar, mengubah format , memberi nama, dan me replace gambar yang lama. Fitur lengkapnya yang saya kutip dari sumber aslinya:softeasyimagemodifier

  • modify multiple images just with one single click
  • rename and sort in various ways
  • shrink and/or enlarge the resolution to a dimension or by a percentage
  • change the orientation: flip or rotate the images
  • optional changing of the file format
  • extra options for jpg files: remove meta infos, set compression
  • advanced resize options: ignore a dimension, resize unproportional
  • rename & replace or save at a self-chosen location
  • multilingualism: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Romanian
  • portable: extremely small, just one executable, no installation

Easy Image Modifier

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